Extraworld has built for Creating A Beautiful Life from 2007.–Safety, Healths,Joys and Values.(安全,健康,愉悦且有价值) With over 10 years experience, Extraworld has become a manufacturer and a trader specializing in souvenir, ceramic ware ,garment, shoe ,bag and healthcare ect to follow our hearts.

Extraworld IMP AND EXP Company works on the connection of SINO-EURO or other area. We export and import different products in different countries to make people have their favorite at home. .

In souvenir field, Extraworld Culture and Creation Company are connecting the different world ,and remaining the memory of different culture and history . We offer customer one stop of the souvenir collection, including ceramic, metal and wood,,PVC,bag and garment and so on. In Europe, our branch take after service and fasten the delivery with small quantity order to your warehouse.

With our design team effort here and abroad , every month we create new designs to satisfy the marketing demand.

Extraworld is committed to bringing you the very best in quality, service, value and innovation. We pledge to be your trusted supplier!